Why vote for Judie Mirra?

It’s time for a change in the Carmel Town Board. Many of the current Board members have been on the Board for 8 years or more, and lately they haven’t been giving us the level of attention that we deserve.  Most taxpayers want their elected officials to be on their A-game when it comes to oversight and budgeting. But this Board didn’t notice when $5.5 million was being stolen from the fire department over the course of many years. For too long, this Board continued to kick the can down the road when it came to the tough task of tax reassessment after too many years of ignoring the problem. This Board can’t seem to get out ahead of the issues, but waits until the issues become problems – and some are costly problems to fix.

As a recently retired teacher, Judie can give her full attention to the business of running our town sensibly and efficiently. She will show up to meetings, pay attention to all sides of an issue, listen to the public, and ask tough questions. Carmel families deserve nothing less.


How can Judie win?

Many people in Carmel and Mahopac are dissatisfied with the current Town Board and are looking for a change. They want someone like Judie who cares about kids, family, and community. They want someone who knows how important it is to encourage responsible economic development, with both respect for the environment and commitment to the economic strength of our community. They want someone who is going to show up and do a good job representing the interests of the taxpayers. These are issues that all families care about. 

And voters are looking for change - as of the primary, Carmel voters already rejected one incumbent, and Judie’s victory would mean unseating another one.


How can Judie get anything done at the town level?

There are more similarities than you might imagine between running an early childhood classroom and serving on the Town Board. Perhaps of greatest importance, Judie is an excellent listener and will be attuned to our community. Her exceptional skills as a planner and communicator and her experience with overseeing many large-scale contract negotiations make her the ideal candidate for building consensus. Coming in with another change agent could give Judie the opportunity to form new alliances around the issues that matter most to voters. Judie will work to get things done efficiently, effectively and fairly as your representative on the Carmel Town Board. 



What would Carmel and Mahopac look like if it worked well for you? Judie wants to hear from you. 

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