Are we building the town we want to have today – and into the future?  Our town is a hodge-podge of empty stores, nail salons and delis surrounded by many beautiful homes but marred by newly built cookie-cutter development.

Judie Mirra proposes our town create Vision 2021, a committee of elected officials, residents and business leaders that would look to our future and recommend a framework for planning decisions and use of emerging technologies. This committee should consider the following actions:

  • Update our town’s master plan with a vision to the future
  • Enforce a consistent approval process for building projects big and small
  • Incorporate best practices developed by other towns of similar character
  • Study the needs and resources for our water supply and water treatment
  • Research the possibility of a solar energy generation on public property to reduce energy costs and lessen our carbon footprint
  • Transition to hybrid technology vehicles for better fuel efficiency

The Greater Mahopac Chamber of Commerce has proposed something similar (which is a great start)…but I want to make sure this effort includes residents as well as business leaders, and includes a commitment to clean energy and 21st century technology.

Fiscal Integrity & Responsibility

Our Town Board has not consistently provided sound fiscal oversight. The fact that $5.5 million in funds were embezzled from the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department before anyone noticed is perhaps the most recent and serious example of this problem. Sadly, it’s not the only one.

The Town Board waited 20 years to accurately align property values with property assessments, resulting in sudden real estate turmoil for many homeowners. To ensure solid fiscal planning and an accurate alignment to property values, the Town should review these property assessments every 5 years to truly reflect home market value in Carmel and Mahopac.  

Judie will have an open and honest dialogue with taxpayers to share knowledge and information on the cost challenges and tradeoffs our towns face in order to do the infrastructure maintenance and improvements that people want to see.

Judie will hold town leaders to higher standards of public accountability, keeping them on their toes and working to be your eyes and ears in all matters of taxation and spending. These are often hard conversations, but taxpayers deserve truth and transparency.


With a grandson who plays lacrosse, Judie fully supports the plans to improve our local ball fields and sports facilities because she knows that kids who play sports are less likely to get in trouble with drinking and drugs. But, with more than 30 years experience as a teacher, she knows not all kids are into sports. So, we also need to support programs and services that help kids who want to paint, dance, write, perform, build and fix things…as well as classes for seniors and others. Carmel’s planned investment in recreational services should support a range of services to all kids and adults, of all abilities and interests. The Town Board’s recreation plan should expand to invest in creative spaces and after school activities that can keep kids safe and help all our families thrive.



What would Carmel and Mahopac look like if it worked well for you? Judie wants to hear from you. 

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